Top 4 Touchy Subjects in the Locs Community

Top 4 Touchy Subjects in the Locs Community

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The locs community is no stranger to touchy and controversial subjects. From who gets to wear locs to what to call the hairstyle, there are several hot topics that people have been debating for ages. Here are four of the most touchy subjects that people in the locs community are still divided on.

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Hair Extensions

There has been a debate plaguing the locs and natural hair community for ages between wearing your hair naturally and using weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. Those on the natural hair side believe that using hair enhancements like weaves and hair extensions is a way of conforming to mainstream beauty standards and rejecting the heritage of natural hair. Apart from this, a full head of weave is a time-consuming process and the hair is often pulled very tight, especially around the hairline. In the worst case, this can harm the hair follicles, resulting in traction alopecia, an extreme form of hair loss. 

However, people on the other side of the debate prefer weaves, wigs, and hair extensions because they allow them to experiment with different hairstyles and looks without having to rely on a relaxer. Additionally, when used in moderation, hair extensions don’t cause any serious long-term damage.

At the end of the day both styles are here to stay, and when you use the right tools and hair care products, you can rock any style and protect your hair no matter which side of the debate you fall under. 

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What Is Considered Natural Hair?

Even natural hair advocates find themselves divided on this topic. According to some, the term "natural" refers to only texture, and not length or color. Proponents of this argument will assert that any hair that is not treated with damaging chemicals like sodium hydroxide is natural hair, so using hair colors and weaves are acceptable hair care options for natural hair. People on the other side of the debate will insist that wigs, weaves, hair color, and straightening your hair with a flat iron are moving away from what makes natural hair natural. 

Locs vs Dreadlocks

Another major point of contention in the locs community is the use of the term dreadlocks itself. Many people prefer to use locs to refer to the hairstyle because they feel that the prefix “dread” has several negative connotations. Others use dreadlocks to pay homage to the Rastafarian spiritual movement.

However, though the terms “locs” and “dreadlocks” are interchangeable, they both hold different meanings based on your reasoning behind loc’ing and the style you choose. So whether you choose locs or dreadlocks, Locsanity has a range of Loc Care products made just for you.

Hair Type Chart

Another heated debate in the community is centered around whether the hair type chart introduced by Andre Walker is still relevant. Previously, this chart only had four types, type 1 through type 4, categorizing four types of hair ranging from straight to kinky. This has now been revised to accommodate the different variations of hair, but many still feel that the hair type chart is redundant, limiting, and divisive as it emphasizes one type of curl texture over another. On the other hand, some feel that users of the hair type chart should not be dismissed since it’s a valuable source of education about natural hair.

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