Reasons Why Men Embrace Their Locs

Reasons Why Men Embrace Their Locs

In the world of men's fashion, locs, also referred to as dreadlocks in some circles, have emerged as more than just a hairstyle; they represent a profound journey of self-expression and cultural identity.

A growing number of men choose locs, not merely as a fashion statement but as a powerful assertion of their individuality and a celebration of their roots. 

Let's dive into the unique motivations and personal experiences that drive men to embrace locs, uncovering the deep significance that this choice holds for each individual.

For many men, wearing dreadlocks isn't just about following a trend, it's a conscious choice that resonates with their personal journey and style. Contrary to popular misconceptions, dreadlocks are not a sign of uncleanliness but rather a hairstyle that demands careful upkeep and maintenance.

In a society where norms and definitions of acceptability constantly evolve, sporting dreadlocks stands as a bold statement of embracing one's unique identity and cultural heritage. It is also a style in which Afro coily hair thrives, allowing those who reach full maturity to have thick, lustrous hair that can extend far below their waist.

While facing occasional backlash, particularly in online spaces, the vast majority of men who decide to wear dreadlocks have found the journey nothing short of enriching and eye-opening, reflecting the power of embracing individuality and breaking down barriers.

Richard, a business analyst, based in Orlando, Florida, sees it as one of the best decisions he's ever made.

"I grew up around men with locs, so it was always something I found beautiful and normal. I tried it in high school but didn't have the patience. After school, I was afraid that wearing dreadlocks would hold back my professional opportunities, so I waited years before finally committing to it. Then, one day I decided that the world would have to accept me as I am and I loc'd up. I feel more attractive with them. I feel proud watching them grow. It's me embracing more of who I am and I feel they match my personality."

Richard on vacation in Havana, Cuba


Alister James, COO of Locsanity, loc'd his hair during the initial wave of COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates. He says with no access to barbershops, it was the perfect time for him to follow in his wife's footsteps and start growing out his locs. 

"I've really come to love the style because it's low maintenance and makes me feel pride in my Jamaican and African lineage. I use the Locsanity BOLD 3-in-1 hair, face and body wash to shampoo my hair at least once a week, plus a BOLD detox to remove environmental pollutants about every 3 months. I couldn't be any happier with my decision!"

Alister James, COO of Locsanity


Celebrating the diversity and strength of men with locs

Wearing locs is more than a style choice—it's a journey of self-discovery and cultural affirmation. Despite misconceptions, maintaining locs doesn't have to be a painful or frustrating process. With the right products and knowledge, the journey should be nothing short of gratifying.

Locs have an amazing ability to help foster connections and bridge cultural gaps. This aligns seamlessly with Locsanity's mission of providing a nurturing platform and products for individuals to celebrate their natural hair.

Locsanity fosters a community that values self-expression and diversity through inclusivity. This No-Shave November, we encourage all men, with and without locs, to shop our BOLD Men's Collection.

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