Winter Care for Locs: Your Guide to Stylish and Healthy Hair All Winter Long

Winter Care for Locs: Your Guide to Stylish and Healthy Hair All Winter Long

Winter Care for Locs: Your Guide to Stylish and Healthy Hair All Winter Long

As winter blankets everything in its chilly embrace, our locs face their own set of challenges.

The cold weather can be harsh, leading to potential damage and dryness.

But fear not! In this guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of protective styling for winter, ensuring your locs stay healthy, happy, and stylish despite the cold.

Understanding Winter Damage

Winter brings more than just snow and chilly winds; it can wreak havoc on your locs. The combination of cold air outside and heated environments indoors can lead to dryness, breakage, and overall stress on your hair.

Dryness and Breakage

Winter Impact: The cold, dry air outside and heated indoor environments during winter can strip moisture from the hair, leading to dryness and increased vulnerability to breakage.

Protective Styling Solution: Styles that involve tucking the ends of the locs, such as buns or braids, help retain moisture and prevent excessive exposure to the harsh winter elements. Protective styles act as a barrier, reducing the risk of dryness and breakage.

Tucked locs.

Locs in a bun.

Friction from Winter Accessories

Winter Impact: Wearing hats, scarves, and other winter accessories can create friction against dreadlocks, causing them to rub against the fabric. This friction can lead to unraveling, frizz, and even breakage. 

Protective Styling Solution: Choosing protective styles that keep the locs secure and contained, such as updos or braided styles, helps minimize the friction caused by winter accessories. By keeping the dreadlocks neatly styled, the risk of damage from external elements is reduced.

Braids in a bun

Additional Care Tips

Protective styling is just one piece of the puzzle. Discover the must-have products and routines to keep your locs in top-notch condition during winter.

Hydrating Oil Treatment



  • To use it: Apply a small amount of the hydrating oil to your fingertips and gently massage it into your scalp. Ensure that the oil is evenly distributed along the length of your locs. This routine helps combat dryness and provides essential moisture to your hair and scalp. Consider doing this 1-2 times per week or as needed based on your hair's response to the weather.
  • Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner
    • Rosewater and Peppermint, an all natural, light floral, minty refreshing and moisturizing serum. A unique blend of moisture balancing and soothing all natural ingredients makes this the perfect serum to rescue locs. Rosewater, Peppermint, Vitamins, and Plant Extracts all blended together - designed to add moisture to locs, strengthen hair, nourish scalp and prevent dandruff. Reduces the amount of loose frizzy hair, while increasing scalp hydration and refreshing your locs. All done without a gunky build-up.

    • To use it: Shake well. Squeeze a generous amount into your hands and rub into hair from root to end. Style as desired. For use when needed.

    Locsanity Handmade Satin Lined Winter Knit Beanie: 



    This unisex winter hat is made of high-quality soft-spun acrylic and polyester, making it extremely soft and comfortable to wear. The elastic, smooth, and skin-friendly silk satin lining is close to the skin and provides lasting warmth and softness on cold winter days. It is also perfect for keeping lint out of your locs. Made of high-quality soft-spun acrylic and polyester, elastic, smooth, and skin-friendly silk satin lining provides lasting warmth and softness, perfect for keeping lint out of your locs Unisex design. Buy it here.


    Embrace Winter with Radiant Locs

    As winter takes hold, shield your beloved locs from the cold's harsh effects. Follow the protective styling techniques and extra care tips outlined in this guide to guarantee that your locs remain strong, lively, and absolutely fabulous throughout winter.

    Remember, for your locs, a blend of warmth and style is the perfect recipe!

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