Is dreadlocks an offensive term nowadays?

Here at Locsanity, we do not consider the term dread or dreadlocks offensive. Infact, you’ll often see us use the terms locs and/or dreadlocks interchangeably.There are certain camps that prefer the term locs over dreadlocks and that is totally understandable. However, many in the Rastafarian community take pride in the term dreadlocks, even though the look was not considered acceptable by mainstream Jamaican society, even back then. So, if you’re not sure which term to use, locs is a safe catch for all varieties. We’ve even penned a blog to delve deeper into this topic: https://www.locsanity.com/blogs/news/locs-vs-dreadlocks-which-term-should-you-use

What is the processing time for your loc/dreadlock extensions?

For standard color loc/dreadlock extensions, our processing time is 1-2 business days. If you're placing a custom order with specific preferences, the processing time for these orders is longer and can take up to 4-8 weeks.

Are the locs extensions made of real human hair?

Our loc extensions are crafted with 100% human hair, ensuring a natural and authentic look.

Will my hair shrink after being locked?

When locking your hair, expect some length loss. The extent varies with hair type; thinner hair may shorten more than thicker hair. On average, anticipate a 20% to 50% reduction in length during the locking process.

What are the standard colors offered?

Our standard color options for dreadlock extensions include Natural Undyed, 1 (Jet Black), 1B (Dyed Black), NA (Natural Undyed), 2 (Darkest Brown), 4 (Medium Brown), 6 (Lightest Brown), 27 (Honey Blonde), and 613 (Light Blonde).

Can I find handmade locs in my local beauty store?

Our handmade locs are unique. You won't find these distinctive products in most local beauty supply stores.

After being worn, will the loc extensions look and feel real, just as they were when received?

With proper care, our extensions age beautifully, enhancing their authentic appearance. What sets our extensions apart is the unique handcrafted technique used in their creation, providing a look and feel that is identical to real locs.

Can the loc extensions be washed and conditioned?

Our loc extensions are made with 100% human hair, they react to hair care products in the same way your natural hair would, which allows them to be washed and conditioned.

Locsanity’s Rosewater and Peppermint Moisturizing, Conditioning and Nourishing Shampoois formulated to add moisture to locs, strengthen hair, nourish scalp, prevent dandruff and leave your locs clean and moisturized.

How are loc extensions installed?

There are various methods for installing loc extensions. We recommend consulting with a local loctician who specializes in this. Additionally, YouTube offers excellent tutorials on installing loc extensions, providing helpful insights for those who prefer a DIY approach.

What lengths can be made from loc extensions?

Our dreadlock extensions are available in a range of lengths, providing options from 3 inches to 25 inches.

Can loc extensions be installed on my existing locs?

Yes, our extensions can be seamlessly added to your existing locs to enhance the length, allowing you to achieve the desired look and versatility you seek.

What are the loc widths converted to inches?

Our loc/dreadlock extensions come in various widths measured in inches: Small Width (1/8 in), Medium Width (1/4 in), Large Width (1/2 in), and X-Large (1 in). We also have wicks ranging in size from 2cm - 4cm.

How do I know how many bundles to purchase?

When selecting the quantity at checkout, you are choosing the number of bundles you'd like to order. For instance, if you select a quantity of 1, you will be placing an order for 1 bundle.

How are the loc extensions sold?

Our locs are conveniently sold in bundles consisting of 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 loc extensions. This allows you to perfectly tailor your order to your unique style and preferences.

Will your products cause a build-up?

When used as instructed and with proper care, our products do not cause build-up, mildew, or rot. Regular shampooing and rinsing are crucial. Note that exceptions apply to heavier products like wax and balm, specifically designed for binding and tightening, which may result in some build-up.

Locsanity’s Rosewater and Peppermint Moisturizing, Conditioning and Nourishing Shampoo is formulated to add moisture to locs, strengthen hair, nourish scalp, prevent dandruff and leave your locs clean and moisturized.

Are locs/dreads hard to remove after being installed?

Locs/dreadlocks evolve, tighten, and mature. If your dreads are relatively new, combing them out is easier than with older ones. While it can be a tedious process, using deep conditioners or coconut oil along with a dread comb can help. Remember, dreadlocks are not a one-time-only hairstyle, and versatility in styling is possible.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped after purchase?

Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 business days from Florida. Most states can expect to receive their items within a couple of days. However, please note that custom dreadlock extensions have a longer processing time and will be shipped within 4-8 weeks.

Can the loc extensions be dyed or bleached?

Yes! For the best results, we recommend dyeing or bleaching the hair before the locking process. While this process may dry out the hair, it facilitates easier knotting and locking, enhancing the dread formation. Pre-coloring the hair ensures a smoother and more effective locking experience. When selecting the hair color, please select the natural hair color if you intend on dying your hair.

When do you recommend dyeing or bleaching my locs?

We recommend dyeing or bleaching existing locs at approximately 10 to 12 weeks old. To prepare, give your locs a deep clean, removing wax by soaking in shampoo and hot water (while being cautious of temperature). Skip conditioner, but follow with waxing to replenish nutrients, preventing over-drying and brittleness post-coloring.

Is it possible to dye your hair black, and then have it dyed to a lighter color using a box dye?

The box dyes are usually very tough on our locs. Without taking the proper steps, you can permanently damage the strands and in turn, the locs. The colorist will need to evaluate your locs, and perhaps pretreat them to strengthen them. Next, they will apply a color remover to remove the color that the box dye added. The locs may need to be treated again as each time locs are processed, they are damaged and weakened. Next, they will use toner to achieve the color you desire. These steps may not occur during the same session based on the condition of your locs.

Will physical activities that cause sweat affect my locs?

Sweating does not negatively impact locs. However, frequent showers due to increased sweating can potentially loosen them. Use a residue-free shampoo, handle new locs gently, and if your hair is very short, consider using rubber bands at the root and tip to secure and allow time for locking and tightening.

Is it recommended to wax or not? And how do I remove waxy build-up?

While wax is not essential for locs, it offers benefits if used correctly. When applied sparingly (less than a pea size) and worked into the locs, it accelerates the locking process, tightens hair, and conditions without inhibiting loc formation. Particularly beneficial for afro, dry, coarse, or curly hair, wax also provides a groomed appearance. For those who prefer lighter alternatives, loc gel, tightening spray or Conditioning Spray are options. If excess wax occurs, remove it by heating your locs with a hair dryer, squeezing with a paper towel, and using a deep-cleaning, residue-free shampoo.

Locsanity’s Rosewater and Peppermint Moisturizing, Conditioning and Nourishing Shampoo is residue-free and is formulated to add moisture to locs, strengthen hair, nourish scalp, prevent dandruff and leave your locs clean and moisturized.

Locsanity’s Rosewater and Peppermint Rolling, Moisturizing, Tightening Spray w/Black Hawaiian Sea Salt helps to accelerate the locking process designed to help locs mature faster while strengthening hair, nourishing scalp and preventing dandruff. Reduces the amount of loose frizzy hair, no build-up.

Can I dread my hair myself?

Dreading your hair, yourself is possible, but it can be challenging. If you're struggling to find help, consider starting with 3/4 of your hair and enlisting assistance for the remaining section. Alternatively, dread a few at a time to make the process more manageable and less strenuous on your back.

Will swimming affect my locs?

You can swim with your locs! Chlorine won't harm them, and saltwater can aid in faster locking. If you have baby locs, expect a few loose hairs after swimming, but follow up with our recommended maintenance routine, including palm rolling and dread-balling. Using rubber bands at the base and tips is advisable, and always ensure your locs are thoroughly dried to prevent any unwanted smells. Locsanity’s Silicone Swim Caps provide protection for your locs while swimming. Keep your locs secure and maintain their condition with our specially designed swim caps.

How long does it take for my locs to mature?

The maturity of locs varies based on hair type and maintenance efforts. From day one, you'll achieve the dreadlock look, and while they may initially stand straight, they'll settle over time. Weeks 1-4 may seem like they're loosening, but this is normal. By weeks 6-8, you'll notice significant tightening and maturing. At 3 months, they become smoother, requiring less wax and regular clockwise rubbing. At 6 months, they should be well into their length, and by their 1st birthday, you'll have a head of mature dreadlocks, making maintenance easier with proper care.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Returns and exchanges are accepted, but eligibility is dependent on the nature of the order. Custom orders are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. All other requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and welcome your feedback.

How do I provide your company with feedback?

Locsanity values your input and is always on a mission to improve our products and services. You may always provide us with feedback by using the Contact Us form on our website. This isn’t a mysterious place where comments go to die. Our team reviews all submissions and directs them to the appropriate departments. Great suggestions get filtered up to our CEO for incorporation into our best practices or policies.

How can I partner or work with Locsanity?

Locsanity is always looking for awesome influencers, content creators, affiliate partners, locticians and wholesalers/resellers. Simply, visit our website and you’ll find options to work with us in any capacity mentioned under the Resources menu option.