Team Old

Charmaine James

Charmaine James is the founder and managing partner of Locsanity. She is the creative visionary behind the brand and is actively involved in the formulation of all of Locsanity's loc, hair and personal care products. She is a former corporate executive as well as a wife and mom to three amazing children.

Alister James

Alister James is a Managing Member of Locsanity. He oversees all of the company's operations including shipping and logistics. He is also the visionary behind the Locsanity BOLD line, a collection of products created especially for the brand's male customers. He is also husband to Charmaine James and father of their three amazing children.

Oneil Williams

Oneil Williams is Locsanity's business consultant and strategist. He works closely with Charmaine and Alister on mapping out strategies and projects to assist Locsanity in achieving its growth and revenue targets. Oneil is also the founder and managing partner of BizGoalz, a consultancy focused on helping small to medium Black-owned businesses thrive.

Vatsala Agarwal

Vatsala is Locsanity's website designer. She works to ensure every visitor to the Locsanity website has a seamless and memorable browsing or shopping experience. Vatsala has over 11 years of experience with web applications.

Tarek Mohamed

Tarek Mohamed is Locsanity's graphic designer. He is responsible for many of the graphic images you see on the website as well as all of the labels on the Locsanity products you purchase. He is masterful at converting visual concepts into real life works of art.

Sarah-kay Anderson

Sarah-kay Anderson is the Executive Assistant to Locsanity's CEO, Charmaine James. She has an extensive background in customer service, as well as research-based projects, and previously served as one of the company's seasoned Customer Service Representatives. Her core values are being effective and resolute.

Mike Lorenz Elisio

Mike Lorenz Elisio is another of Locsanity's seasoned customer service professionals. He works diligently to ensure every customer who contacts Locsanity has a positive and stellar customer service interaction. Mike's past background includes serving as a CSR for Amazon.

Kenardo Notice

Kenardo Notice is the Packing and Packaging Coordinator. He oversees the packaging of products to ensure they meet Locsanity’s quality standards and requirements.

Xavier Lipman

Xavier Lipman is a Shipping and Receiving Coordinator. He is responsible for overseeing the shipment and delivery of goods in Locsanity’s warehouse. He monitors the flow of incoming and outgoing shipments, schedules deliveries, and coordinates with warehouse staff to ensure that products are delivered on time and in good condition.

Patrick Shepard

Patrick Shepard is the Lead Warehouse Coordinator. He is responsible for managing and coordinating the daily activities of the warehouse team. He ensures that Locsanity’s cleanliness, safety, and efficiency standards are implemented and upheld. He also enforces required safety regulations, as well as Locsanity’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Ken Alcime

Ken Alcime is the Packing and Packaging Coordinator. He oversees the packaging of products to ensure they meet Locsanity’s quality standards and requirements.