To Wini!

Since 1939, the majestic island of Antigua has been hiding a glorious secret. While known around the world for its pink sand beaches, the island is also the birthplace of natural hair care entrepreneur, Winifred James.

Wini, as she was affectionately known, was as kind as she was talented. Whenever she wasn't expertly tending to her garden or cooking up a mouth-watering meal, she was selflessly helping others in need. Many in her community regarded her as a natural leader and an inspiration to others.

In adulthood, Wini immigrated to the US Virgin Islands. She was a devout Christian and believed in living a healthy lifestyle. She was also immensely proud of her natural hair and understood how amazing it was. Yet, Afro coily hair can be challenging to care for and Wini knew that she, and many others, struggled to keep their healthy and vibrant. Determined to find an easier way, Wini developed her own line of natural hair care products. She labored painstakingly to ensure they were safe, effective, and plant-based. She also made her products affordable and accessible to the masses.

Although Wini passed away in 2010, her legacy lives on. Wini made sure her children and grandchildren understood the power and beauty imbued in their hair. They carry that pride and those lessons with them to this day. Wini by Locsanity is a line of products honoring her memory and celebrating the unsung beauty of Afro coily hair. It is our hope that you will enjoy using this collection as much as we delighted in creating it.

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