Locsanity Dreadlocks Tool Single, Double, and Triple Set Tapered Crochet Needle Bamboo Handle Dreadlocks .75


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Looking to make, maintain and correct issues with your locs? Look no further! This is a sturdy and easy-to-use tool for correcting bumps in locs, reinserting loose hairs, attaching extensions, repairing broken locs and weak spots. 

If you’re just starting, get used to using the tool with the single hook.

The double needle reduces the amount of time it takes to repair locs.

Double Tool = Half the Time

The triple needle saves even more time when repairing locs. Perfect for those with the skills to get the job done right!

Trple Tool = 1/3 the Time

Custom designed for dreadlocks maintenance and crochet dreads.

Soft Touch Handle. 

Made with Bamboo.