Our Locsanity BOLD line is designed for men and infused with more masculine scent profiles that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. You still get all the plant-based goodness of our general line but with bolder and more commanding scents like Cedarwood and Willow Bark Extract.

Our BOLD Daily Spray is the perfect companion on your trips to the office, the gym, the basketball court, or even the grocery store. Take it with you Any place your locs need a little refresher,

Our BOLD dreadlock detox is the exact spa day you never realized you needed. Locs can become heavy with build up and other debris over time. A detox removes all these impurities and brings your hair back to its naturally clean state. We recommend a detox at least once a month, particularly for those with locs. However, anyone with significant amounts of hair exposed to other hair care products and natural elements may also utilize this rejuvenating detox.

We’ve also introduced our very first hygiene spray! A totally plant-based odor eliminator that works flawlessly where nasty odor-causing bacteria likes to thrive. It contains zero alcohol, so you’ll experience no stinging or burning when applied anywhere on your body or skin.

Our 3-in-1 Face, Hair and Body Wash is the perfect triple threat! We’ve taken the hassle out of shopping for multiple products and created one sensational lathering experience that leaves you with whole body freshness once your wash is complete. You can thank us later!

Finally, our BOLD Beard Kit has everything you need to keep yourself looking immaculate regardless where your travels take you! Our premium beard oil and beard balm give your beard a luxurious look and feel. The kit also includes a razor, scissors, comb, brush and travel bag. This is a kit fit for a king, so here’s to you!
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