Locsanity Curved Interlocking Microlock Sisterlock Dreads Set Tool Loc Dreadlock Maintenance 2 Sizes


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The Locsanity Curved Interlocking Tool is exactly what you need to maintain gorgeous locs! The curved interlocking tool works well for dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, interlocks or crochet locks. It’s versatile and so simple to use! Start new locs, maintain new growth, or repair your locs. Quick and painless! Perfect for kids! No snags. No pulling. The Locsanity Curved Interlocking Tool costs LESS than a single trip to the salon, saving you time and money. Designed to be used by skilled DIYers and professional locticians. For dreadlocks - no more palm rolling, twisting, clips, gels, creams, waxes, hair dryers or sweating your hair back after a fresh retwist. For Sisterlocks and interlocks, eliminate expensive or missed monthly maintenance appointments and just do it yourself. For crochet locks, eliminate the pain, snagging and tugging. The size of the curved interlocking tool makes it easy for you to quickly install them yourself or have someone install them much faster than with a crochet hook. The Locsanity Curved Interlocking Tool is very user-friendly and works on men, women and children. Hair is instantly locked, without pain, without snags, or without pulling, damaged or joined locks. The curved interlocking tool simply glides through your hair instantly locking and retightening your new hair growth. The instructions are simple and straight to the point. The Locsanity Curved Interlocking Tool is a new revolution in loc maintenance and works best on hair that is three inches or longer. It can also be adjusted to accommodate micro locs or larger locs.

The Locsanity Curved Interlocking Tool is perfect for dreadlocks, interlocks or Sisterlocks maintenance. It can also be used to start new locs.

No need for gels, waxes, creams, clips or dryers. No more paper clips, safety pins or latch hooks

Painless - no pulling, tugging or snagging

The curved interlocking tool is ADJUSTABLE for ALL loc styles and hair types, from micro locs to medium locs

Easy to use and hair is instantly locked

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