Dreadlock Super Fast Hair Quick Drying Cap - Black or Purple


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Color: Purple Animal

  • Purple Animal
  • Black
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Time to say goodbye to waiting for hours or days for your locs to dry or walking around with that mildew smell. Now you quickly dry your locs using this hair dryer attachment.
Turning your blow dryer into a professional hair setting system has never been easier!

26 cm(10 inches) diameter, 23 cm(9 inches) height. 79cm(31 inches) hose allows for easy movement while you are under your hood. The stretchable hose collar 3cm(1.18 inches) diameter to fit any standard handheld dryer.

Perfect For:
-Deep conditioning treatments/ Conditioning sessions
-Drying extensions
-Natural hair
-Wrap sets
-Roller sets
-Long, thick, hair

How to use?
-Attach tightly end of hose to nozzle of the hairdryer
-Wear our bonnet on the head, adjust the drawstring and chin strap to fit your head(Please press the elastic button of the plastic clip on the drawstring, then move the clip to keep bonnet tight around your head to avoid the annoying fly off of the cap)
-Turn on your hairdryer to start your hair care. We recommend using the LOW setting of your hair dyer and then adjust accordingly

-Make sure your ears are outside the hairdryer bonnet to avoid burns your ears
-We recommend tieing a scarf around your neck if hot heat burns your neck
-Please don't let the bonnet close to your hair and leave more room around the head so that it doesn't flatten down the hair
-We recommend hand washing
-Blow Dryer Not Included
-Once you figured out how to secure it to your head, drying session and deep conditioning will be more effective

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Purple animal, Black